Friday, April 30, 2010

Black Oblong Wooden Tray W/Grungy Prim Labels

~~I just love these Grungy Prim labels from Yankee Lane Primitives......I took some of these labels and added them on a black oval trays and this is how they came out...I think they look very prim with the grungy label..The prim label "Buttons" I added some old buttons that my mom used to collect..She had a antique can full...anything that had a button on it she would cut it off and save it....Love these buttons now!!!!lol
I would love to hear what you think and if you like them :))

Prim hugs..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Grungy Prim Star Tarts

~~ Prim Greetings~~
- I have been busy today making these grungy prim star tarts...I brought a package of these in a country store and they looked and smelled awesome!! - I say hey I can probaly try to make those - so I went on a mission to find the star mold..that was indeed a project in it's self..but I finally found I purchased a prim receipe on how to make wonderful smelling I gave it a try!!!! and this is how they look finished.....they look pretty good for my first time...and I wondered if I got them to smell like the ones that I brought so I put one in my tart warmer and it smelled pretty close!!!...not yet quite as strong as the one I brought...but..hey!!!..I will keep on trying until I get it right...well one good thing...they look

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Prim Label Jars

~~My Prim Label Jars~~
Wanted to share what I have been up to lately..Check out my new prim label jars..I found some cool shaker jars with holes in the cover..I said how neat these would look with some grungy prim labels on them and the covers painted black...They are 5" tall and 3" round....I have 4 different labels...I have torn them or burnt the edges to give that worn, old grungy look....These are sold on my website: - for $ 7.00 each if anyone is interested..The prim labels were made by Susie at Yankee Lane Prims....I just added a little of my own prim touch to can put just about anything in these cute little jars or just leave alone sitting on a shelf...I added a tealight to mine and looks awesome...

I think they came out great...

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