Friday, June 18, 2010

~~ My Prim Swap~~~

~~ Don't you just love a good swap~~ I do - it was like Christmas today - I just love surprises.....I did a prim swap with Donna Wilkins from " Sweet Prairie Dwellings" and OMG - it was awesome I got so many awesome things....I LOVE THEM ALL....1814 Candle with sweet annie on grungy stained muslin, 1812 candle stick grungied up with a grungy battery operated taper candle...omg this looks awesome on, a "spiced plum Jelly 1813 grungy jar with lid and tealight inside, 1814 grungy pararie doll, a larger grungy doll, 1806, 1804,1809 grungy tealight candle holders...I just go so much awesome stuff..Donna is awesome to do a swap with..She handmade all these and they are just awesome..After I took my pictures I found a place for
Be sure to check her out on her blog..she has some awesome handmade items that she made..
Thank you Donna!!! _can't wait until we do another one....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Navy Blue Beeswax Americana Grungy Battery Operated Tapers

~~ Was being creative and came up with these Navy Blue Beeswax Americana Grungy Battery Operated Taper Candles~~ -
These were hand dipped in 100% beeswax with navy blue color wax added. I grungied up a small american flag with my grungy mixture and spices and wrapped it around the candle with jute...These came out great...The picture looks more like a greenish blue but they are a blue...they look great with the grungy flag .... these will look awesome in your favorite candle holders or just sitting in your favorite bowls or with your favorite dolls....I sure you will just love these...
The can be found on my website: - thinking about including one of these in my Giveaway....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

..Need to get 100 Followers... - to have my 1st Blog Giveaway!!!

~~ Once I reach a 100 followers on my Blog...I will be doing my 1st giveaway!!!
...My prim friend Brandi will be making something very special for me that I will be giving won't want to miss out on this one...So spread the word for me to get some more followers to my blog...and get me to 100.....
I will post when the giveaway will be and what it will be soon!!!
- only 30 more I need......

Prim Hugs!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

" Beeswax Belsnickle Santa's "

~~ I know your thinking that I got to be crazy even thinking about Christmas when it's 90 degrees in some had some left over blacken beeswax that I got from Deb Turner -~ from Crows Creek Primitives~~ which was awesome to you use...I just love her beeswax!!! it's 100% pure... ..
I had some left over after making my blacken grungy taper candles so I said why don't I use it on the belsnickle molds that I had!!! so I did and here it is... Hope you like them......I used a old candle that I melted down and that is the brownish color belsnickle...
These would look awesome in a bowl with greens during the holidays.......

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