Thursday, August 5, 2010

~~ What I've Been Up too!!!~~~

~~ Been busy the past few days making Halloween goodies~~ Here are some handmade prim witches....didn't realize they would be soo time consuming to do...they were fun to make thou.......They are shelf sitters...I have one on a rusty bed spring...I'm selling these on my website if anyone is interested...I only made a few!!!! - I have a couple that I added a black mole next to the know the old Agatha always had a mole or watt on her nose or face somewhere.......I don't have the picture with the mole but looks pretty cool with it...

Think they came out pretty to hear your comments!!


  1. I love the witches you made. They sure did come out great. Who knew what you could do with a rusty bed spring, it is so clever.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Love your prim witches. Never enough prim halloween goodies and these are great. God bless. Cathy

    PS. love how this blog looks. Its great and very prim.

  3. Hey Donna, I love love love the prim witches on the springs!!!! Great Idea!!!!! Primtastic!!!

  4. Very cute witches Donna! I'm sure the ones with the mole are darling too! I'm so ready to decorate for fall and Halloween... I just love the colors!

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  6. I love the witch on a spring and I do believe she needs a black mole/wart on her lovely nose!
    I have you entered. Thanks for stopping by!
    Good luck! ★Linda★


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