Friday, December 3, 2010

~~ Another awesome swap~~ Christmas goodies..

~` I know it's been a while since I posted anything....I have been busy making things for Christmas...yikes which is 22 days away...omg I cannot believe this year is almost over....I did have time to do a swap with Kim from "swap it" on sure to check it out - she has awesome swaps every month.. and she makes awesome handmade items @ Kim's Whims also on facebook.. -I had her in my ornament swap and these are the awesome ornaments that she made me..
Love them Kim!!!
a prim tree, stocking, heart ornament, bird, and poinsettia's...omg I just love them all.....Thanks Kim :)
"Happy Holidays" to all my prim friends.....
.May your holidays be filled with love and laughter...!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

~~ Grand Opening~~

~~ Be sure to check out Tamara new store" Bridgeway Boutique" she just opened and would love for all you to go on over and check it out...She has some awesome things...I'm sure you will love....

Prim Hugs

~~ Another Awesome Prim Swap~~

~~ I know it's been a while since my lost post....I just have been so busy lately and haven't had enough time to even think I wanted to share with you My prim swap from Linda - @ Dry Creek Primitive Peddler.. . We did a prim christmas ornament swap ... I received my ornment in a christmas box - when I opened it ..there was the cutest reindeer....with twigs for the antlers how cute..was is that...I just love it......Linda signed and dated the back of it....I got it already sitting up on my sure to check out Linda and the wonder things that she makes on her blog: Dry Creek Primitive Peddler...she is very talented and I just adore her stuff...

Thank you Linda - it was great to have you have a swap patner...

Also a big thanks to Wendy over at; Ravenwood Whimzies that held this awesome swap...If you prim gals what a great place to do swaps be sure to check out Wendy...

Prim hugsss


Monday, September 20, 2010

My Awesome Prim Swap !!!!!!

~~ Jenny Marino did a secret was awesome - no one knew who they were just sent Jenny what you liked and she took it from there...Thanks Jenny Awesome job!!! I got this awesome swap package in the mail from Ann Frank from: a & ... she sent me some awesome was like Christmas!!!I got a great black beeswax candle that she sprinkled and rolled and cinnamon... awesome salt dough onaments, a pinkeep a Stacey Nash design that was stuffed with sawdust. great little orange pumpkin bulb....too this...and some awesome grungy halloween labels were included with the card and the little note she wrote on what she made and how she had fun with her daughter and the cookie sure to check out these 2 great blogs of Ann's she does awesome work.........I'm so glad I got her as my secret swap partner!!!!!! Thanks Ann....:)) I will enjoy my goodies....

Monday, September 13, 2010

I entered~~ Best Creation Contest~~

Held by Tammy over at " A Primitive Place" - there are quite a few entries all of them are totally awesome.....there are a lot of very talented crafters out there..Be sure to go to : and cast your vote on your favorite or favorites!!! If you like my "Christmas Crow" entry I would love you to vote for pressure...:))

Thursday, August 5, 2010

~~ What I've Been Up too!!!~~~

~~ Been busy the past few days making Halloween goodies~~ Here are some handmade prim witches....didn't realize they would be soo time consuming to do...they were fun to make thou.......They are shelf sitters...I have one on a rusty bed spring...I'm selling these on my website if anyone is interested...I only made a few!!!! - I have a couple that I added a black mole next to the know the old Agatha always had a mole or watt on her nose or face somewhere.......I don't have the picture with the mole but looks pretty cool with it...

Think they came out pretty to hear your comments!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

~~~ And the Winner is.......................

~~ I like to thank you all so much for entering my 1st Blog Giveaway....I enjoyed all the wonderful comments you all left for me on my blog..... Out of 51 comments that were left 3 of them were that left 48 names to put into my little "back in tyme primitives" handmade pot to draw the name from !!!! I had my daughter Nicole pick the winning name at 10:00 Pm and that was:............ Marchelle - "Sweet Paper Treats" Congrats Marchelle!!! -
~~ Marchelle I sent you a seprate email to claim your prize...let me know where to mail your prim goody package too and Congrats on winning...hope you enjoy!!!
Please respond within 5 days!!! - If no response by then I will draw another name...

I will be having another giveaway for Fall!!! be sure to come back and visit to see what that will be.....

Prim Hugs

Saturday, July 10, 2010

~~ Finally decided on my giveaway........

~~ I said when I reached a 100 followers I will do my first giveaway..well here it is...I hope you like it...It's the "1856 Americana Giveaway".. It's never too late to be patrotic for the red, white and blue..Grungy coffee can with a prim grungy label "olde farmhouse 1856, red, white and blue wool flowers to put in the the coffee can with twig branches and a grungy tag that has God Bless "Red,White,Blue pinned on with a safety pin , a grungy americana flag bowl filler/ornie filled with scented wood chips and, my grungy blue battery operated taper candle with the grungy american flag wrapped around with twine, and my homemade room spray with a americana label " The Keeping Room" scent. and "bless this home tealight holder includes 3 blacken grungy tealights that I hand dipped...
~~I will pick the winner on July 22nd....
As for the rules: I'm doing it simple...seeing it's my first time and all..

1. You need to leave a comment on this post. Please let me know how to reach you if you win. Please include your email address if possible.

2. You need to be/or become a follower on my blog.

Good Luck!!
Prim Hugs

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Prim Swap

~~~ My Prim swap with Brandi my back in tyme doll...totally awesome..and, my button doll, the grungy jars...the flag pillow, the american flag heart doll....LOVE THEM ALL....... ..thanks Brandi I just love them all in their perfect places....I just love a great swap!!!! -

Friday, June 18, 2010

~~ My Prim Swap~~~

~~ Don't you just love a good swap~~ I do - it was like Christmas today - I just love surprises.....I did a prim swap with Donna Wilkins from " Sweet Prairie Dwellings" and OMG - it was awesome I got so many awesome things....I LOVE THEM ALL....1814 Candle with sweet annie on grungy stained muslin, 1812 candle stick grungied up with a grungy battery operated taper candle...omg this looks awesome on, a "spiced plum Jelly 1813 grungy jar with lid and tealight inside, 1814 grungy pararie doll, a larger grungy doll, 1806, 1804,1809 grungy tealight candle holders...I just go so much awesome stuff..Donna is awesome to do a swap with..She handmade all these and they are just awesome..After I took my pictures I found a place for
Be sure to check her out on her blog..she has some awesome handmade items that she made..
Thank you Donna!!! _can't wait until we do another one....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Navy Blue Beeswax Americana Grungy Battery Operated Tapers

~~ Was being creative and came up with these Navy Blue Beeswax Americana Grungy Battery Operated Taper Candles~~ -
These were hand dipped in 100% beeswax with navy blue color wax added. I grungied up a small american flag with my grungy mixture and spices and wrapped it around the candle with jute...These came out great...The picture looks more like a greenish blue but they are a blue...they look great with the grungy flag .... these will look awesome in your favorite candle holders or just sitting in your favorite bowls or with your favorite dolls....I sure you will just love these...
The can be found on my website: - thinking about including one of these in my Giveaway....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

..Need to get 100 Followers... - to have my 1st Blog Giveaway!!!

~~ Once I reach a 100 followers on my Blog...I will be doing my 1st giveaway!!!
...My prim friend Brandi will be making something very special for me that I will be giving won't want to miss out on this one...So spread the word for me to get some more followers to my blog...and get me to 100.....
I will post when the giveaway will be and what it will be soon!!!
- only 30 more I need......

Prim Hugs!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

" Beeswax Belsnickle Santa's "

~~ I know your thinking that I got to be crazy even thinking about Christmas when it's 90 degrees in some had some left over blacken beeswax that I got from Deb Turner -~ from Crows Creek Primitives~~ which was awesome to you use...I just love her beeswax!!! it's 100% pure... ..
I had some left over after making my blacken grungy taper candles so I said why don't I use it on the belsnickle molds that I had!!! so I did and here it is... Hope you like them......I used a old candle that I melted down and that is the brownish color belsnickle...
These would look awesome in a bowl with greens during the holidays.......

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My New Candle Mat

~~ Look what I just received in the mail today!!! - a prim grungy candle mat that Terry Tidd my new friend on FB made me with my website name...I just love it....
Thanks Terry - came out awesome...if you looking for handmade custom candle mats...Terry is awesome.....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Great Find Today

~~ I live in Boston home of the Boston Red Sox's!!!!...and I'm a huge fan...have to be if you live in daughter today took me out antique shopping...we found a old mill full of antiques....yaaahoo my dream...I wanted everything in there...I was remembering the good old days....... and there it was right there hanging on the wall was this old Red Sox Banner from 1972!!! I said omg how cool would that be to hand in our we brought it but it had to be handled with surely was showing it's
Go Red Sox's.......

Friday, April 30, 2010

Black Oblong Wooden Tray W/Grungy Prim Labels

~~I just love these Grungy Prim labels from Yankee Lane Primitives......I took some of these labels and added them on a black oval trays and this is how they came out...I think they look very prim with the grungy label..The prim label "Buttons" I added some old buttons that my mom used to collect..She had a antique can full...anything that had a button on it she would cut it off and save it....Love these buttons now!!!!lol
I would love to hear what you think and if you like them :))

Prim hugs..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Grungy Prim Star Tarts

~~ Prim Greetings~~
- I have been busy today making these grungy prim star tarts...I brought a package of these in a country store and they looked and smelled awesome!! - I say hey I can probaly try to make those - so I went on a mission to find the star mold..that was indeed a project in it's self..but I finally found I purchased a prim receipe on how to make wonderful smelling I gave it a try!!!! and this is how they look finished.....they look pretty good for my first time...and I wondered if I got them to smell like the ones that I brought so I put one in my tart warmer and it smelled pretty close!!!...not yet quite as strong as the one I brought...but..hey!!!..I will keep on trying until I get it right...well one good thing...they look

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Prim Label Jars

~~My Prim Label Jars~~
Wanted to share what I have been up to lately..Check out my new prim label jars..I found some cool shaker jars with holes in the cover..I said how neat these would look with some grungy prim labels on them and the covers painted black...They are 5" tall and 3" round....I have 4 different labels...I have torn them or burnt the edges to give that worn, old grungy look....These are sold on my website: - for $ 7.00 each if anyone is interested..The prim labels were made by Susie at Yankee Lane Prims....I just added a little of my own prim touch to can put just about anything in these cute little jars or just leave alone sitting on a shelf...I added a tealight to mine and looks awesome...

I think they came out great...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Antique Apple Crate

~~ I kept my antique apple crate as is and just stood it up and added some of my prim things under it and on it...with my favorite bunny on top...and a grungy battery operated taper candle on a rusty hanger hanging from the gives it just a enough light to show off the duck... and give it that prim/look!!! .....
so happy that I found this old apple crate...:))~~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Antique Finds ~~

~~ I found these great prim antiques at a estate sale today for Free..yup free - can't go wrong there..I'm thinking of painting the box slightly with off white just enough to cover but let the wood still show thru and stencil on " Primitive" or Antique in dark red on one side......The ladder is the kind that my grandfather made - the kind that you will be scare to use cause it's not too steady...I got this sitting on my farmers porch - I was thinking of wrapping a american flag over it or around it....I think I will just leave as is and not paint it..I would love to hear what all my prim friends would do??

Friday, March 19, 2010

Grubby Grungy "Americana" Lights

~~ Greetings to all my prim friends~~ that love prim's as much as I do!!!!
I just wanted to share these Awesome....Americana lights that I received in the mail yesterday from my friend Angie....omg - they are the cutest lights....they are red, white and blue - they are the grubby, grungy lights 35 -count and scented in cinnamon.. These look great around your twig trees or even just in a bowl with your favorite ornies or pictures don't do these lights justice...I'm selling these on my website: - I have the 35 count grubby and the 20 count rice lights.....You will just love these lights...I know I do....would love to hear what you think...I know my friend Angie would love to get more sure to check them out....

Prim Blessings!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Grubby Easter Rice Lights -20 Count

~~ I just had to share this new grubby Easter rice light strand...
They are just the cutest....They have all your favorite Easter colors, purple, yellow, blue, green and pink..They are on a brown cord 20 count...These were hand dipped by my friend Angie...these are awesome.....These would look great with your favorite bowl fillers at Easter time or even on those twig trees to add some color...I would love to hear from you all what you think of them if you like them....I could always give Angie more business to make me some more....if you all

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Antique Wedding Picture Pillow

~~ I was going thru some old photos and came across my parents wedding pictures so I decide to try something and this is what I came up with.. I printed the photo onto muslin material then grungied it and then sewed it on a red homespun pillow.....
I think it came out awesome..The picture doesn't do it justice...What a great keepsake...I would love to hear your comments if you like it!!

Prim Blessings!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grungy Beeswax Cappuccino Brown Hanging Battery Operated Taper Candles

I got creative today .lol and make some more of my grungy battery operated taper candles. These came out great....I used Cappuccino Brown Beeswax hand dipped them and wrapped a rusty wire hanger on them....I just love the color of these....I took of picture of them hanging from my long basket on my door. You can add these anywhere from your wreaths, doors, peg boards..I have some all over my house hanging and you don't have to worry...they take 2 AA can leave them on all the time....Love these.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prim Willow Twig Lights

~~ Hello All My Prim Friends~~
I just had to share these with you all!!A friend of mine found these in a primitive store and pick up this bunch for me...I thought they were so cool...These are new and very hard to find I guess. I found a vendor that sells these and they will not be available until end of March beginning of April. I will post back on when I get some of these in stock on my website....These look totally awesome when they are in a prim vase!!! These are electric you just plug into the socket and can leave on...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just another day!!

~~ I'm so new to figuring out all this blogging, facebook etc...I tell you it's very time consuming but it's fun at the same sure to check back I will be adding some new photos once I master this not sure if that will happen or not...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

~~ Just made another batch of my my popular "Blacken Grungy Taper Battery Operated Candles"

New to blogging :))

~~ Hi Everyone,

I'm new to blogging and just trying to figure it here is my first post to get my name out there...nothing much - just saying Hello..once I figure this out I will be sending out

Back In Tyme Primitives

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