Friday, March 19, 2010

Grubby Grungy "Americana" Lights

~~ Greetings to all my prim friends~~ that love prim's as much as I do!!!!
I just wanted to share these Awesome....Americana lights that I received in the mail yesterday from my friend Angie....omg - they are the cutest lights....they are red, white and blue - they are the grubby, grungy lights 35 -count and scented in cinnamon.. These look great around your twig trees or even just in a bowl with your favorite ornies or pictures don't do these lights justice...I'm selling these on my website: - I have the 35 count grubby and the 20 count rice lights.....You will just love these lights...I know I do....would love to hear what you think...I know my friend Angie would love to get more sure to check them out....

Prim Blessings!!

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