Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Antique Finds ~~

~~ I found these great prim antiques at a estate sale today for Free..yup free - can't go wrong there..I'm thinking of painting the box slightly with off white just enough to cover but let the wood still show thru and stencil on " Primitive" or Antique in dark red on one side......The ladder is the kind that my grandfather made - the kind that you will be scare to use cause it's not too steady...I got this sitting on my farmers porch - I was thinking of wrapping a american flag over it or around it....I think I will just leave as is and not paint it..I would love to hear what all my prim friends would do??


  1. Luv your finds, I think I would leave the ladder unpainted as well. I like the 'whitewash' idea..what will you use the box for, it looks fairly large?


  2. Oh yummy!! What great finds....and for FREE!!! hooo-raaaay!! You can't beat that price!! :O)

    Thanks for the visit!! Stop back again!!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  3. Great ideas! I would love to see what you've done with these things. Free?? You can't beat that, that is awesome!!


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