Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Great Find Today

~~ I live in Boston home of the Boston Red Sox's!!!!...and I'm a huge fan...have to be if you live in Boston....lol ..Well..my daughter today took me out antique shopping...we found a old mill full of antiques....yaaahoo my dream...I wanted everything in there...I was remembering the good old days....... and there it was right there hanging on the wall was this old Red Sox Banner from 1972!!! I said omg how cool would that be to hand in our garage.....so we brought it but it had to be handled with TLC....it surely was showing it's age...lol....
Go Red Sox's.......


  1. Oh I love it!!!!! I live 30 minutes north of Boston so I know what you mean lol you have to be a fan..Thats a great find..Hugs Maria

  2. I'm not a fan of sports memorabilia, but I sure love finding that one thing that just has to come home with me!! =]

  3. Hi Donna!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog & becoming a follower.I live in Methuen MA I'm like 5 minutes form Salen NH line.I'll be having another giveaway soon..I have not been blogging to long either so if you need any help with it just holler I will be more then happy to try & help..Hugs Maria the other Bostonstonian lol..


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