Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My New Candle Mat

~~ Look what I just received in the mail today!!! - a prim grungy candle mat that Terry Tidd my new friend on FB made me with my website name...I just love it....
Thanks Terry - came out awesome...if you looking for handmade custom candle mats...Terry is awesome.....


  1. That is awesome!! I love it, what a great idea!

  2. Aww what a seet thing to do..love it!! I'm actually not to far from you either Donna. I live in Somersworth. N.H. About an hour and a half from Boston.Small world huh?? love your blog..I am haveing a giveway right now on my blog as we speak so please feel free to pos over and get yourself entered.. but please Read the info on the Giveaway as there is a twist to it!!! I will also have another one shortly behind it as I am coming up on 200 followers. Love meeting fellow Prim lovers.Gotta love my Prims!! And Maria from AMB Prims is a friend of mine ..I met through blogging.I have actually met the lady and been to her home in ,Methuen...she and her family are wonderful.As a matter of fact we're going to visit them again Memorial Day weekend. Have a great day!!! ..... Donna

  3. Ah that's nice and personalized. How thoughtful;o) Thanks for posting my giveaway on your sidebar and much luck to ya Donna.

  4. WOO HOO, that was a very thoughful gift, she sure does great work!!! I love your blog!!!

    You sure do find some wonderful gals on the blogs and you can find really true great friends!!!



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